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Hello friends.

I am writing to ask for your help with my sixth movie, Jeremy Kasten’s The Dead Ones.

Many of you have known me for quite some time. But even if you just met me, you know I am extremely passionate about movies and filmmaking. I am writing today to tell you about my latest movie–one that I am very, very excited about.

Filmmaking is tough, dirty, hard, and mean–as well as other words that sound like they were ripped from the covers of 1960s pulp novels! It is also, in it’s purest form, a thrill. Because you risk everything doing something you love. And in entertaining people you hope, in some way, to change the world.

Although an intensely personal, totally independent film, this is still a tense and terrifying horror movie. It is a high school ghost story. It also happens to be about something that I believe is important to discuss–more so now than ever. It is about bullying, school shootings, and repercussions.

My crew and I made the movie on a micro-budget. In fact, in order to make the movie we wanted to make, we went over budget and shot a bunch of sequences on green screen. That kind of post production requires money, favors, and time for those favors to come through.

Now here I am with my hat in my hand once again. Because this world is complicated. Because your time is precious. Because when The Dead Ones hits film festivals later this year, we’ll need followers. Lots of them. It’s really that simple. And so, from one film fanatic to another, I ask: please be a follower of this movie. And if you enjoy what we post, please “like” it on Facebook. Follow on Twitter. Or link to it on your blog / site / magazine.

Thank you for your time and thank you for your support.

Jeremy Kasten

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