“I grew up doing theatre and because I spent a portion of my childhood in them, I’ve always found empty theaters to be creepy spaces. Creepy spaces I adore – but creepy nonetheless. In the last several years I’ve been asked to direct private magic and variety shows for the inner sanctum of the magic community… It has been an amazing world to be asked into, and I’ve learned a lot about strange things that have become new obsessions for me.” NEXT PROJECTION: Quick Q&A with Jeremy Kasten of The Theatre Bizarre

“I think I’m still working out the details of my childhood dreams and nightmares. I have so many other influences, but the truth is most of my work seems to be most directly linked to dreams I had as a kid.” IDEAS ARE LIKE RABBITS: Jeremy Kasten Interview

“When I first spoke to Udo he suggested the idea of killing the fly on camera. I didn’t know what to make of it and worried that he’d be full of arbitrary ideas that would take lots of time on the set. Then I stopped being an uptight ninny and realized how great his idea was and how lucky I was to be getting ideas from Udo Fucking Kier. After that our real working relationship started.” FILM THREAT: The Interview Bizarre

“I think horror taps into that primordial part of our brain that responds to fear because fear is a part of us. There’s another way horror affects us in a more surreal way where a film can replicate the experience of having a nightmare. It’s like when you have a nightmare and you wake up and you’re happy to be alive. Horror movies can tap into our fears and affect us in that kind of way.” SUICIDE GIRLS Interview Jeremy Kasten

“When I was really little I think I was privileged to see the silent horror films. The Lon Chaney films and stuff, at a very young age. When I was 4 I had seen The Phantom of the Opera, the ’23 version, and Hunchback of Notredame and even obviously the Lon Chaney Jr. stuff like The Werewolf. All of that stuff, and even the silent stuff. It really deeply influenced me and I feel privileged for that experience because, obviously if you see those movies too much later than when you’re really young, the effect is gone. You’re inundated with television and sound and color everything else, so I feel like I almost got to live the history of horror movies because I saw those movies so young.” BLOODY GOOD HORROR Interview with Jeremy Kasten

The Wizard of Gore is completely a love letter film to Downtown, it’s a love letter to Film Noir, which to me is very much rooted in downtown LA.” CITIZEN LA: The Horrors of Downtown – An Interview with Jeremy Kasten

“Downtown has a real sense of wackiness, where anything can happen. I love living in downtown Los Angeles ’cause it’s got a really weird broken special soul and I love that.” FATALLY YOURS: Interview with Jeremy Kasten

“When screenwriter Zach Chassler wrote his take on The Wizard of Gore, he set it in the post-punk goth/fetish-y underground world of downtown Los Angeles. The volunteers/victims in Montag’s shows were all naked, hot, tattooed and pierced girls from that world who get cut up by Crispin’s Montag.” GOREHOUND: HorrorHound Interview with Jeremy Kasten

“Crispin Glover in a white tux cutting Suicide Girls open and sniffing their intenstines — that’s over the top. But when I’m shooting the movie, you don’t say this is funny and ridiculous. You treat it with absolute seriousness.” ESPLATTER: Exclusive Interview with Jeremy Kasten

“Crispin called me and wanted to talk about it. It was important for him to have the ‘mind-fuck’ element from the original, which was strangely completely at odds with what I wanted to do, which was make a complicated mind-fuck movie where you absolutely know what happened at the end.” ICONS OF FRIGHT: Exclusive Interview with Director Jeremy Kasten

“Crispin worked to create this Librace-type approach with a huge codpiece custom built in every costume. The first day Crispin comes out onto the set one of the financing producers FREAKS! Sends the crew away and tells me that I have GOT to change Crispin’s mind or the budget will be slashed severely.” BLOGGING.LA: The Wizard of Gore, an interview with Jeremy Kasten

“Obviously Jeremy Sisto is amazing, and he had read the script and was on the fence about the film. He liked it but worried about doing something cheesy. He and I had a phone conversation where he brought up the strange “two-voiced-ness” of the character of Darius: an effect, quite possibly, of the film being rewritten so much leading up to production. We discussed the idea that Darius was really many different people from many different times and that these personalities were always slipping through. He immediately connected with the idea and he signed on just after that conversation.” GEEK MONTHLY: Jeremy Kasten Draws Blood For His Latest Horror Epic

“Horror allows for experimentation and fun in the film making. Of course you can get off track by ‘playing’ too much or getting into show-offy student film territory but in the best case scenario it can allow for healthy experimentation and risk taking. Plus, I’ve always loved horror movies the best. I just do.” A Zone’s Eye View with Director Jeremy Kasten

“To be William Friedkin’s personal assistant, I picked him up at home every day and brought him to the set. One time, I was in the car with him and Howard Stern did some kind of send up of The Exorcist. And I was driving on the freeway thinking, ‘My god, the man who created the mythology is sitting next to me right now.’ And he didn’t even bat an eye.” UGO: The Attic Expeditions, Jeremy Kasten Interview

“Seth Green came and auditioned for Douglas. He seemed to know that the character is both incredibly likable and dynamic, and also frightening and unnerving. Seth really came to the role with that.” CLASSIC-HORROR.COM: Jeremy Kasten Interview


Inside, you’ll find our chat with Kasten, who previously helmed All Souls Day, The Thirst and The Wizard of Gore remake. The director talks about working with Udo Kier, the challenges of his contribution to The Theatre Bizarre and his upcoming film The Dead Ones. CHOICE CUTS: The Theatre Bizarre’s Jeremy Kasten

Next, in quick succession not unlike the horror anthology film they were there to talk about, we had three of the directors from The Theatre Bizarre. David Gregory is the ringleader, so to speak. He’s the one who put this whole Grand Guignol tribute together, plus directed one of the segments (“Sweets”). We also had Buddy Giovazanni on, who’s perhaps best known for his stark Combat Shock, but is making his horror debut with “I Love You” in The Theatre Bizarre. Finally, we had the director of the interstitials, Jeremy Kasten, to talk about working with one of the great genre actors of all time, Udo Keir, who plays a trippy automaton in the film. INSIDE HORROR: The Theatre Bizarre Director Interviews

This segment is from the Q&A following the Los Angeles premiere of American Grindhouse at The New Beverly Cinema on August 24th, 2010. Featuring Fred Williamson, Jack Hill, Lewis Teague, Bob Minor, Joe Dante, Jeremy Kasten and Robert Forster. American Grindhouse Los Angeles Premiere

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