Quick Chat with ‘Ideas are like Rabbits’

Describe what creativity means to you.
Creativity is the restless feeling you get when you haven’t made something in awhile and you just gotta create. It’s a slight burning behind your throat that’s a weird vibe you get every one in a great while, along the elusive lines of Déjà vu. A sense that you’ve had before – a long time ago – that’s neither a taste nor a smell. But it’s nostalgic. And it’s all yours. That is what creativity, or the drive to be creative, feels like to me. It’s an urge you can’t sate any other way. And the very specific satisfaction you get when you’re actually in the midst of a project or making something and it comes out close to how you’d imagined it.

What influences your work?
I think I’m still working out the details of my childhood dreams and nightmares. I have so many other influences, but the truth is most of my work seems to be most directly linked to dreams I had as a kid.

What challenges do you face in your work, and how do you overcome them?
The biggest challenge I work through is financing. As an independent filmmaker, I can either get hired to make movies, which, given the economy and the state of the DVD market is really difficult, or I can find the money from the private sector. Neither is easy but I’ve found that with private sector funds it’s way more possible to make something good. Or at least minimize the number of chefs in the kitchen. And I’m not sure I’ve overcome the obstacle of funding although, like a junkie, I seem to temporarily keep it at bay by sating it.


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