Dread Central & Shock Till You Drop – Support THE DEAD ONES + New Photos

The hallways of ArcardiaJeremy Kasten Tackles Bullying in The Dead Ones, New Pics Released 
Long in the works, The Dead Ones is ready to make its splash on the festival circuit, announces director Jeremy Kasten (The Theatre Bizarre, The Wizard of Gore). The filmmaker has established an official site, Facebook page and Twitter to keep folks in the loop about his latest film and with that web push comes a slew of images (which you can check out right here).Shock Till You Drop

Jeremy Kasten Needs You To Know About The Dead Ones
Here at Dread Central we recognize that indie filmmakers are the lifeblood of the horror genre, and as a result we try to cover as much of them and their projects as possible. Back in 2009 director Jeremy Kasten came to us to let us know about his latest project, The Dead Ones. Now it’s time to spread the word. Dread Central

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