New ‘Profane Exhibit’ Article in Diabolique Magazine

The story of The Profane Exhibit centers on events which takes place in the catacombs hidden deep within a Parisian nightclub. In ‘The Room of Souls,’ a secret and nefarious sect assemble and partake in a startling game of one-upmanship. Each individual tells a story of true depravity, with the intent of obtaining a grand prize from Madame Sabatier, who hosts the gathering.

Of the newer filmmakers, an international collective is made up of Marian Dora, Andrey Iskanov, Nacho Vigalondo, Uwe Boll, Yoshihiro Nishimura, Michael Todd Schneider, Ryan Nicholson, and Anthony DiBlasi. The final cut of the film has been placed in the hands of Jeremy Kasten. “Kasten is, in many ways, our last director,” states [producer, David] Bond. “So many horror movies fall apart in the editing suite and Profane is huge… we wanted to make sure that we had a fresh director to take on all of the footage that we’ve shot and to make something wonderful out of it.”

Issue 19 (January / February 2014) of DIABOLIQUE MAGAZINE available now!

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