5 WTF Horror Movies for Your Halloween


#2 The Attic Expeditions: You probably never heard of this one, despite a pretty decent pedigree. You have some good horror character actors in here–especially Jeffery Combs and Seth Green. Throw in Ted Raimi, Alice Cooper, Wendy Robie (from People Under the Stairs and Twin Peaks), and cult director Jeremy Kasten and you have something of a winner here. The basic premise–a young man brutally murders his girlfriend as part of a Satanic ritual and is committed to a surprisingly comfortable facility where he begins to question his memories and the reality of what is going on at the institution. And I don’t think I can really tell you any more than that. Honestly, when I think of WTF horror, this is the first movie that comes to mind. I’m still not 100% about what happens in it. Thankfully The Attic Expeditions rewards repeat viewings. nathancrowder.com

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