NYT: Horror Films Set in the World of Theater

Ghost lights. Traps. Bombs. “You killed it.” Hang around theater people long enough, and you might think the industry is a living slasher film. Theater and horror movies have been strange bedfellows since European filmmakers of the silent era incorporated Grand Guignol dramatics and expressionistic stage techniques into early movies like “Waxworks” and “The Hands of Orlac.” More recently, theater makers have tapped into the horror movie canon to concoct stage versions of “Night of the Living Dead” and “The Exorcist.”

‘The Theater Bizarre’ (2011) This horror anthology features short films by six directors, including the acclaimed makeup and special effects artist Tom Savini (“Friday the 13th”). The framing device — a young woman enters an abandoned theater where she is introduced to each film — is inspired by the actual Grand Guignol, the theater that staged gory entertainment in Paris from 1897 to 1962. Cast members include Udo Kier and the musician-actor Halfbreed Billy Gram. nytimes.com

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