"Attic" Makes Bad Movies We Love List

“I haven’t met that many people who have also laid eyes on this quirky little mindfuck of a movie, and in my view that’s a shame. The set-up is pretty simple: declared insane after murdering his girlfriend in a fit of madness he only barely remembers, Trevor (Andras Jones) is sent to an asylum cum-halfway house for treatment. What starts out as nurturing, healthful therapy quickly takes a turn for the WTF when Trevor finds a mysterious portal hidden in a steamer trunk in the attic, which takes him to a dark netherworld of mad science and semi-conscious brain surgery. After that, he’s never quite sure which world is reality which just his fevered dream-state, or if there’s even a difference. The film boasts some b-movie star power with glorified cameos by Jeffrey Coombs, Ted Raimi, and Alice Cooper, but it’s the unknown inmates of the asylum who steal the show, among them Beth Bates as Faith, Andras’ innocent- or-is-she love interest, and Jerry Hauck as Ronald, an inmate who communicates through an alligator puppet with a mind of its own. There’s very little love for this movie out there, but I found it engaging, fun, and even a little existentially disturbing.” Rupert Pupkin Speaks

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