New Info on ‘The Profane Exhibit’ Anthology

Dread Central is closely following updates on the upcoming anthology film The Profane Exhibit. Last week we announced three of the ten directors involved in the project. This week some new info has dropped on Manna, the Michael Todd Schneider directed segment of The Profane Exhibit.

Manna was written by Scott Swan, who wrote for both the “Masters of Horror” and “Fear Itself” television series. (Incidentally, the episode of “Fear Itself” Swan wrote was entitled “Skin and Bones” starring Doug Jones. This was easily some of the best horror I’ve ever seen on television. Just how do you get NBC to air a program featuring cannibalism?) As a director Swan headed Big Junior and Maskhead.

Also working on the project are editor Jeremy Kasten (director of The Wizard of Gore remake and The Theater Bizarre’s wraparound) and clothing designer Louis Fleischauer (one of the top fetish clothing designers in the world and owner of AMF Korsets).

As reported in an earlier article, the Manna segment of The Profane Exhibit stars AmberLynn Walker (Guinea Pig) and international fetish model Madeline Horn, with FX by Autumn Cook (The Theater Bizarre) and Jerami Cruise (Murder Set Pieces and The August Underground Series).

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