Little White Lies: Film4 Frightfest 2011 Diary

As devotees of dread gather once again in the Empire for FrightFest, now celebrating its twelfth year of gory glory, the construction work still going on outside in most of Leicester Square serves as a model for the state of horror…

THE THEATRE BIZARRE (EUROPEAN PREMIERE) – When twitchy, heavily mascaraed Enola Penny (Virginia Newcomb) enters the old theatre across the street that she might just have conjured in her own feverish imagination, its puppet master of ceremonies (played by ever welcome horror icon Udo Kier) might just have the perfect part for her amongst his freakish cast of automatons – but not before she has played audience to six short pieces of Grand Guignol. This unsettling narrative frame, directed by Jeremy Kasten, introduces six short films, each with its own director but all linked by a thematic focus on the macabre, that make up the Franco-American The Theatre Bizarre.

Anton Bitel, Little White Lies

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