Filming of Ghost Movie Begins This Month in Baltimore

Two Los Angeles filmmakers who grew up in Maryland – Dan Griffiths and Jeremy Kasten – are planning to return to Baltimore this month to begin filming The Dead Ones, a ghost movie set in a rural Maryland high school. They expect the production to include 20 days for filming and 30 days for preparation.

“We are thrilled that the Maryland Film Office was able to make it easy for us to bring this movie to Baltimore,” Griffiths said, “and the closer we get to starting to shoot, the better we feel about this decision.”

Griffiths, producer of the film, was an actor in John Waters’ Cry Baby before he moved to Los Angeles. Kasten, the film’s director, started his career as a production assistant for He Said She Said – also shot in Baltimore. The Dead Ones will be the pair’s third collaborative production.

“We gave a small grant to the filmmakers,” said Jack Gerbes, director of the Film Office, “and we coordinated arrangements with area unions and crew for the production. We also helped with finding locations.” He also said the production would be hiring local residents for the cast and crew.

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