#TheProfaneExhibit Review + Festival Premiere

The Profane Exhibit Review from Severed Cinema

It’s finally here folks. It’s finally here. Well, just about! Way back in 2013 an anthology horror film known as The Profane Exhibit was conceptualized by Amanda L. Manuel to present the audience with a mirror as a reflection of mankind, a reflection of greed, lust, and revenge that embodied corruption to the core. Some filmmakers and producers attached to the project have come and gone, but finally the wait is over. Our lord and savior Stephen Biro stepped into this doomed horror project limbo and unearthed it from the grave. Coming shortly, extreme cinephiles will finally get to view on glorious blu-ray, ten international horror director’s intense tales from Unearthed Films.

One of the contentions with the original production of The Profane Exhibit was the lack of a wraparound story to bring cohesion to this beast. Amuse Bouche, directed by Jeremy Kasten does a fine job of intercutting the shorts where we see someone preparing and ingesting human meat, but shot in reverse order ala Irreversible.

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Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival To Premiere The Profane Exhibit

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival will host the world premiere of the notorious and long-awaited horror anthology The Profane Exhibit, executive produced by Amanda L. Manuel, who also served as a writer and actor.

An incomplete version of the film has screened at festivals in the past, but Buffalo Dreams will premiere the finished film in its final form, as supervised by Stephen Biro of Unearthed Films, which will release it on Blu-ray. The ninth season of Buffalo Dreams runs August 19th – 25th at Dipson Theatres Eastern Hills Cinema in Williamsville, New York.

Read more: https://www.prlog.org/12924281-buffalo-dreams-fantastic-film-festival-to-premiere-the-profane-exhibit.html

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