“Sex Scenes, Scalpel Surgery and Time Travel”: ‘The Attic Expeditions’ Blu-ray Reviews

“It’s bright, colorful, trippy, moves fast, and has some great work from Combs, Green, and Raimi. Does it make sense? Yes. And then no, and back again. Does that matter? Not one whit. There’s more than enough confidence and style on display in The Attic Expeditions to fuel three films, and that’s something definitely worth preserving.” Read the entire review from Scott Drebit at DailyDead.com!

“There are several pretty cool deaths, and the ending sequence is exceptional. The atmospheric music combined with Hitchcock-esque camera shots enhance the creep factor and are a throwback to the early horror movies of the 1940s and 50s.” Read the entire review from Tyler Stevenson at Trashmen Media!

The Attic Expeditions was a revelation to me. I was knocked out by its Asylum-influenced story of Trevor Blackburn, a man who may or may not have lost his mind.” Read the entire review from B&S About Movies!

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