Severin Reveals Blu-ray Release of ‘The Attic Expeditions’

On the road to their annual Black Friday sale, Severin Films have begun revealing the titles that’ll be a part of the sale, and following news of their The Theatre Bizarre Blu-ray release, they’ve today announced director Jeremy Kasten’s (The Wizard of Gore, The Dead Ones) 2001 hallucinatory horror film The Attic Expeditions will also be making its Blu-ray debut this month.

The Blu-ray will features a new 2K scan from the original negative, and a handful of other exclusive extras.

Bonus Features:

  • Cast & Crew 20 Year Pandemic Reunion and Story of Making The Attic Expeditions, featuring Jeremy Kasten, Seth Green, Jeffrey Combs, Tim Heidecker and many more
  • Alice Cooper and Jeffrey Combs Internet Reunion
  • Horror Scholar Adam Rockoff Contextualizes The Attic Expeditions
  • The exclusive Limited Black Friday Edition will also include the first ever release of the original motion picture soundtrack CD.

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