‘The Dead Ones’ Now Available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital!

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“THE BEST HORROR FILM OF THE YEAR. It boldly explores an extremely sensitive subject while still delivering the horror goods.” Film School Rejects

The Dead Ones is a vastly unnerving and innately contentious horror film that underlines the topic of school violence with palpable extremity.” Film Threat

“Director Jeremy Kasten writer Zach Chassler have crafted something truly different and terrifying… a hellish rollercoaster that comes to a violent, brutal final loop de loop.” Without Your Head

“A disorienting trip into the psyche of the school shooter, as well as a catabasis into the mor(t)ality of crime, punishment, and maybe even redemption.” Rue Morgue

The Dead Ones is destined to be a controversial slice of horror cinema, and it is certainly one that cannot be easily forgotten.” Horror Fuel

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