‘The Profane Exhibit’ Coming Soon from Unearthed Films

The film’s all-star cast includes Caroline Williams, Clint Howard, Eihi Shiina, AmberLynn Walker, Dan Ellis, Maki Mizui, and Thomas Goersch. Directors include Uwe Boll, Yoshihiro Nishimura, Marian Dora, Jeremy Kasten, Ruggero Deodato, Ryan Nicholson, Sergio Stivaletti, Nacho Vigalondo, Anthony DiBlasi, and Michael Todd Schneider. pophorror.com

The Profane Exhibit is one of the most anticipated manifestations of the brutal, the violent, and the perverse. It will leave every viewer spellbound and in awe of its diabolical intent in creating new nightmares for the next generation. It showcases the collaboration of internationally acclaimed horror directors as they come together to create the most intense and extreme horror anthology ever made. dreadcentral.com

Each segment, and integral part of Profane, was directed and scored by titans within horror and music. The Profane Exhibit is going to be unlike anything that horror fans have ever seen. It is horror with a message… terror with something to say presented by Unearthed Films and Harbinger International. ihorror.com

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