Severin Films Brings ‘Skinner’ to Blu-ray & DVD 2/19

Uncut. Unrated. Unconscionable. The Notorious 90’s Shocker Scanned in 4K For The First Time Ever!


It’s been called “sleaze-oozing” (Flick Attack), “gut-churning” (The Bedlam Files) and “incredibly tasteless” (Cult Reviews). It featured the most intensely graphic scenes yet by KNB EFX Group (THE WALKING DEAD). Uncut, it remains perhaps the most disturbing – and rarely seen – shocker of the ‘90s: Ted Raimi (XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS) delivers an unnerving performance as psycho drifter Dennis Skinner who wears flesh-suits he slices from doomed prostitutes, falls for a lonely young housewife (Ricki Lake of HAIRSPRAY fame), and is himself hunted by a horribly scarred survivor (an equally unhinged performance by Traci Lords). Richard Schiff (THE WEST WING) co-stars in this still-potent sickie from veteran television director – and one-time Heidi Fleiss boyfriend – Ivan Nagy, now scanned in 4k from the original camera negative and including the complete hooker-flaying sequence.

Special Features:
– A Touch of Scandal: Interview with Director Ivan Nagy
– Under His Skin: Interview with Star Ted Raimi
– Bargain Bin VHS For A Buck: Interview with Screenwriter Paul Hart-Wilden
– Cutting Skinner: Interview with Editor Jeremy Kasten
– Flaying Sequence Out-takes & Extended Takes
– Trailer

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