‘Damnationland’ returns Maine-based horror to the big screen


“Now is the time of monsters,” the saying goes, and of course we’re talking about Damnationland, the homegrown showcase of short Maine-based horror films screening this weekend at the State Theatre and touring the less lit parts of Maine throughout the ghoul-thick month of October.


This period film follows Milton Ford, the son of country pastor, and his wife Rose as they both become ensnared in the life of a very strange preacher named Professor Sparks. Opening with a lecture in which the the Professor asks “What if there’s no God? Nobody to lay blame for the cruelty of existence,” this film lays out slowly lays out a terrifying scenario: What if rejecting your faith and succumbing to your pleasures had mortal consequences? After a party so decadent unleashes an enigmatic force, Milton is forced to ask, “Am I blessed or cursed?” Featuring images of strap-ons, hypodermic needles, fever visions, and a very mysterious blood-soaked book, this 18-minute thriller gets under your skin long before its mindfuck of an ending.

Directed by Jeremy Kasten | Produced by Fred Greenhalgh, Jeremy Kasten, and Christine Marshall | Starring Thomas Ian Campbell, Veronica Druchniak, Burke Brimmer, James Patefield, and Mackenzie O’Connor


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