THE THIRST “My Kind of B-Movie Trash”

Director Jeremy Kasten (All Souls Day, The Wizard of Gore remake, The Attic Expeditions) brings the vamp clan mentality of The Lost Boys and Near Dark into the 21st century with this quirky, blood soaked sex romp featuring an awesome cast. Any movie that starts with a vampire deep throating a prostitute with a lamp has a lot to live up to, and The Thirst definitely does.

Adorable Matt Keesler (Psycho Beach Party, Scream 3, Jekyll, Cold Storage) is a druggy in rehab. Clare Kramer – aka: Glory of Buffy fame – is his stripper girlfriend, but not for long. She dies.

After giving him some time to mourn, Matt’s friends, including cutie Erik Palladino of Dead & Breakfast, drag him to a club, where he is greeted by a submissive boy who takes a liking to him, played by another Buffy alum, Tom Lenk (aka: gay Andrew).

So Matt has an “in” to the forbidden back room when he catches a glimpse of his late girlfriend in the club, looking more beautiful and apparently alive than ever.

Turns out the club is just a cover for a good old vampire restaurant run by another Dead & Breakfast alum, cutie Jeremy Sisto, and his evil sidekick, Neil Jackson, who happened to play the big bad vamp in the Blade TV series!

Because Matt witnesses the fucking awesome back room splatterfest feast from hell, the vamp clan gives Clare an ultimatum…turn Matt or kill him.

She turns him and creates a monster, which means loads more gore.

This movie is bathed in blood and guts, Matt Keesler is shirtless a lot and even shows off the booty.

There are also some moments between Matt and Jeremy that are totally filled with delicious sexual vampire tension.

It’s up to Clare to rescue Matt from the dark side. I mean his new addiction…to blood. The Thirst is my kind of b-movie trash.

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