10 Amazing Udo Kier Performances

Veteran actor Udo Kier is a legend of cult cinema and man, has he ever earned that status. Udo Kier has starred in hundreds of films, working for directors as diverse as Fassbinder to Argento to Lars von Trier to Astron-6 and narrowing his impressive and impactful body of work down to 10 key performances was not easy.

The Theatre Bizarre (2011)

Jeremy Kasten’s eerie framing segment for this baroque multi-director anthology sees Kier at his weirdest, playing a supernatural, man-size marionette who relates the macabre tales that make up the film to a young girl. Caked under creepy prosthetics, Kier gives this turn his all and perfectly serves to blend the diverse stories together. Great movie, very cool Kier performance.


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