Thrillist: Los Angeles Secrets

#2 BROOKLEDGE – A tiny theater behind an Eastside mansion hosts some of the country’s greatest magiciansBetween the 1910s and ‘50s, Brookledge was the place to see vintage magic from performers like Houdini and Orson Welles. Now again, since 2009, this 70-seat theater (found in the lush backyard garden of the magical Larsen family’s private home) has once again been staging the Brookledge Follies — a vaudeville-style lineup of skilled magicians, contortionists, burlesque dancers, ventriloquists, and more. Much like a famous castle in Hollywood, though, Brookledge operates as an underground club; to attend one of their star-studded shows (where you might spot Moby, Ryan Gosling, or Neil Patrick Harris), you’ll need to either snag an invite from an insider, or donate a chunk of change to their renovation efforts. Get more secrets at

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