‘The Theatre Bizarre’ DVD Reviews

“The effects, cinematography, and props create a whimsically demented world that you love to be in.” The Sins of Cinema

“There’s a little something here for daring horror fans of all kinds.” Schlockmania!

“True horror buffs can sit back and take in some horror that isn’t afraid to be brave or unsettling.” VideoViews

“Six of the edgiest talents in the business… The horror anthology is on its way back to the forefront these days.” Twitch

“Image’s DVD looks and sounds good and offers up some solid extras highlighted by a very good commentary selection.” Rock! Shop! Pop!

“Also worth mentioning is the fine atmosphere and strangeness director Jeremy Kasten achieves with his wraparound segment in which a young woman is drawn to a strange theatre filled with mannequins, odd machinery, and Udo Kier. I couldn’t help thinking that there is a story about this theatre and its inhabitants somewhere.” Phantom of Pulp

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