The Theatre Bizarre Screens 2/16 at Cult Movie Mania in Tampa!

The Theatre Bizarre screening
Thursday, February 16 @ 9:30PM
Cult Movie Mania – Screaming Cinema Series
Tampa Pitcher Show Theater – Tampa, Florida

“If the stories themselves don’t do the trick, then the wraparound performances by these jittery stage show puppets will. Udo Kier as Peg Poett is presented like never before. With caked-on makeup, painted eyelids, and a jitter that will get under your skin, Poett introduces each piece. You might even expect some abomination of Marilyn Manson to come rolling out… but then again there is a show to unfold… and that’s the reason you arrived. 6 deadly tales of macabre, erotica, and infidelity.”

“Creepy and attention grabbing segments that depicted people as marionettes await, with detailed make-up pushing the illusion. Different than just putting cue card after cue card, Kasten brings meaning to filler and an intertwined evolving plot, peaking curiosity in down times.”

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