Inside Horror ‘The Theatre Bizarre’ Director Interviews

 “In quick succession, not unlike the horror anthology film they were there to talk about, we had three of the directors from The Theater Bizarre, which opens in limited release on Friday. David Gregory is the ringleader, so to speak. He’s the one who put this whole Grand Guignol tribute together (and I’m not kidding – this movie is seriously bloody! Grown men *have* fainted during festival screenings), plus directed one of the segments (Sweets). We also had Buddy Giovazanni on, who’s perhaps best known for his stark Combat Shock, but is making his horror debut with I Love You in Theater Bizarre. Finally, we had the director of the interstitchials, Jeremy Kasten, to talk about working with one of the great genre actors of all time, Udo Keir, who plays a trippy automaton in the film.”

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