Fango’s Exclusive Fantasia Photos

Opening weekend at Fantasia began with a bang, thanks to the world premiere of THE THEATRE BIZARRE (see review here). The bloody anthology’s seven (!) directors descended on the city from the four corners of the globe (left to right: Tom Savini, Doug Buck, Karim Hussain, Richard Stanley, David Gregory, Jeremy Kasten and Buddy Giovinazzo), in addition to cast members Udo Kier (“I did seven films this year,” Kier bragged), handsome newcomer James Gill and Lynn Lowry, plus Savini-segment scripter John Esposito (to name a few). Watch for tons of ongoing THEATRE BIZARRE coverage on this site and in the mag in the near future. The screening marked a special homecoming for director/DP Hussain, who once toiled as a programmer in Fantasia’s early days. And as the fest’s current international co-programmer Mitch Davis noted, the THEATRE BIZARRE filmmakers themselves hatched their joint omnibus while sharing brews at Fantasia over the years.

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