Entertainment Weekly on The Theatre Bizarre

On the set of The Theatre Bizarre

I’ve been a fan of horror anthology films ever since a formative viewing of the 1972 Brit movie Asylum, in which Herbert Lom constructs a tiny, killer robot version of himself, Peter Cushing orders a bespoke suit that can bring the dead back to life, and Robert Powell must guess which inmate at an institution for the incurably insane is the establishment’s former head doctor. Now, what other movie can claim to have all that? (Apart, obviously, from Turner & Hooch.)

Anyway, the good news — for me! — is that there a bunch of portmanteau terror flicks coming down the road, including Chillerama, The ABCs of Death, and The Theatre Bizarre, whose trailer has just hit the Interwebs. The latter movie stars horror veteran Udo Kier and is directed by, amongst others, special effects legend Tom Savini and Hobo With a Shotgun cinematographer Karim Hussain. However, the most interesting filmmaker to have overseen a segment of the movie is Richard Stanley. The South African director made a hugely impressive debut with 1990s low-budget sci-fi flick Hardware, but was fired from 1996′s The Island of Dr. Moreau and subsequently disappeared off the Hollywood map. Whether The Theatre Bizarre will mark the start of a comeback for this talented, idiosyncratic, auteur remains to be seen. Much more certain? The movie’s trailer is not for the easily offended.

Link to original here.

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