Exclusive First Look: Jeremy Kasten’s The Dead Ones

Director Jeremy Kasten has delivered the horror goods many times in the past, most recently with his take on The Wizard of Gore (review here), but it’s his fifth film that has us really interested. It asks a very simple question … Who are The Dead Ones?

The biggest thing that has our attention is how quiet this project has been kept. Everyone behind it remains very tight-lipped about what’s been going down, but here is what we know thus far:

The Dead Ones has been described to us as simply “a high school ghost story”. In lesser hands this vague description wouldn’t exactly pique our interest, but in Kasten’s deeply disturbed and well adept hands? Lord knows what horrors lie ahead. The film is shooting right now in Baltimore, Maryland. For a couple of more clues as to what is going on check out the Arcadia High School website.

I would expect more soon and right here on Dread Central, but in the interim check out the highly unusual and extremely badass concept art below by Zak Smith (official site).


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