Emersonians Surface at Underground Film Festival

Emerson’s own Anna Feder, visual media arts programs coordinator, has been the executive director and programmer of BUFF for six years and is excited to see the eight-day festival — which takes her and her fellow all-volunteer staff all year to program — come to fruition.

“The dream someday is to find some sugar daddy to fund me so I can just go to festivals for the rest of my life,” said Feder. “I go to Cannes (this year for Emerson’s Creative Minds at Cannes internship program), I’ve been to Toronto, but mainly I go to the genre festivals. It makes sense for me when I do BUFF. Like Fantasia I do every year and Fantastic Fest in Austin.”

Emerson alumnus Jeremy Kasten, who graduated in 1993, opened the 2008 BUFF with his remake of The Wizard of Gore after negotiating with Feder, who continues to keep Lions in this underground festival’s den.


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