Arrow In The Head DVD Review: THE THIRST

The Thirst is a low-budget, techno-filled vampire flick that’s all about excess. It’s got cheesy dialogue, mediocre acting, excess gore, an uneven Skinemax level plot, blood orgies, ridiculously extreme deaths, literally pools of blood, and one of the worst fake beards I’ve ever seen. What’s all that add up to? Well, a pretty entertaining though dumb movie that’s worth the price of the rental.

The Thirst is never dull. With an unrelenting pace, the plot never lingers which seems fit for an ADD generation. And why should it linger? This isn’t a character driven piece as it revolves around a man (Matt Keeslar) whose girlfriend (Clare Kramer) commits suicide, but is reborn as a vampire, who then starts to hang out at Goth bars. Well, it just so happens that the boyfriend ventured out one night and sees his dead girl, and starts a hunt to find her. The problem is, once is he succeeds, he’s pulled into the vampire world as one of them. However, together once again, they find the vamp life isn’t as good as the first bite.

Quite clearly, excess is the name of the game and director Jeremy Kasten and writer Mark A. Altman obviously did some research. Someone must have read Helter Skelter as the vamps, lead by Jeremy Sisto, have created a Manson type Family, where they’ve been brainwashed to kill without mercy. Of course, no one expects different from blood sucking beasts. The Thirst also possesses a great B movie quality that adds to the entertainment value. It succeeds at being ludicrous to a level that you’ll either dig or deem dumbfounding. For that matter, I’m not calling this a cult classic. Not even close. While it contains some characteristics of a potential classic, it suffers from been there, done that. Originality shows up from time to time, but not enough. But I’ll definitely keep an eye on Kasten’s future films.

Clearly, this isn’t aimed at the mainstream, but if you’ve got an itching for blood, lots and lots and lots and lots of blood, (complete with the oddest sex scene ever) and if you dig the B horror feature, grab a sixer and enjoy.

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